Mobetize enhances the smartOpen Banking Marketplace Platform for Credit Unions with the ability for Credit Unions to offer Digital Gift Cards to members

VANCOUVER, Jun. 5, 2023 -- Mobetize, a leading digital banking marketplace platform for financial institutions has partnered with the one of the largest global providers of gift cards to integrate and offer credit union members with the ability to purchase digital gift cards in Canada from over 100 national brands.

The digital gift cards will be purchased through the member’s smartOpen Banking Marketplace and sent via email. The member can include a personalized message for a special gift straight to someone's inbox or send them to their own email for personal use. The digital gift card program can be customized by the credit union with discounts and creates a new revenue stream while enhancing member experience within the credit union ecosystem thereby increasing member retention and loyalty.

The Mobetize smartOpen Banking Marketplace empowers credit unions to configure, access, and integrate retail and business banking products and services for both in-branch and self-serve channels end-to-end into core banking systems. This is made possible by prebuilt, pre-integrated modifiable components simplified for credit unions as the result of the Mobetize team collaborating with credit unions and industry experts to figure out the best way to make banking like eCommerce. Think of digital account opening, personal loans, mortgages, insurance, payments, cross border money transfers, gift cards, notary services, robo investing, BNPL etc... —and then packaging it up in a way that you can easily provide these products as a digital service to your members in a simple-to-use Amazon style shopping experience. 

“Mobetize has been building and deploying their proprietary leading self-serve banking marketplace origination platform that orchestrates risk compliant credit union enablement for member and product origination end-to-end eliminating manual processes and paperwork. The addition of adding digital gift cards as a banking marketplace service will enable our Credit Union clients to better serve member needs, enhance the member experience, increase loyalty, enhance data-driven member personalization, and fuel revenue opportunities in the $1Trillion + gift card industry1” 
– stated Ajay Hans, CEO Mobetize.

The launch of the banking marketplace digital gift card service for credit unions is an industry first and will be available to clients who are using the Mobetize smartOpen Banking Marketplace in Q3-2023. This is the second lifestyle marketplace solution following the e-Notary service for Mobetize customers with many more partnerships planned over the next 24 months, including multiple platform feature rollouts and further expansions aimed at building the company’s position as the Open Banking ready member and account origination platform leader for Canadian Credit Unions.

About Mobetize

Mobetize provides solutions to the banking industry to help consumers with the ability to bank how they want, when they want, for what products they need. Mobetize is collaborating and empowering financial institutions to transform how financial services are delivered and consumed. The banking marketplace solution lays the digital transformation foundation for financial institutions to offer traditional banking products as well as easily launch third party fintech products such as insurance, payments, travel, gift cards, e-notary services and more with a simple, consistent, fully integrated ecommerce-style user experience. Mobetize solutions enable financial institutions to better serve their client needs for both their financial well-being and their lifestyle.

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