smartOpen LOS

Mobetize’s smartOpen LOS platform realizes the full potential of both secured and unsecured loan products to wow your customer and provide them with the solution that is efficient for both you and your customers.
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See how smartOpen LOS works. 
  • Dynamic marketing and engagement engine

  • Customizable real-time adjudication engine

  • Disbursement-capable approvals

  • Secured and unsecured lending

  • Secure Identity verification

  • Defines the latest standards in AI based identity, risk & adjudication.

  • Mobile, tablet and desktop optimized

  • Joint applications, both joint in-person and remote

  • eSignature capable

  • Social biometrics based identity correlation

  • Omni-channel - integrated in-branch CRM

  • Core banking integrated

  • Black Book vehicle valuations

  • Credit bureau checks

  • Chat integration ready

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User Engagement

  • Marketing info

  • Dynamic teaser rates and messaging

  • Sample repayment amounts

ID Verification

  • ID document verification

  • Facial biometrics

  • Social biometrics

  • Device verification

  • Risk-based correlation scoring

Data Submission

  • All-in-one data collection

  • Secured-loan document uploads and evaluation


  • Immediate configurable decisioning

  • Upsell/Downsell capability

  • On-the-spot Approval or Review categorization

  • Credit bureau + key adjudication integrations


  • eSignature capable, even for joint loans up to 4 applicants

Product Creation

  • Automatic product creation for both secured and unsecured lending.

Disbursement and Repayment Info

  • Internal and external account info collection

  • Disbursement-capable