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Our smartOpen solution is a banking enablement solution that allows financial institutions to configure, access, and integrate retail and business products and services for both in-branch and self-serve channels. Our solution is the result of the Mobetize team collaborating with credit unions and financial industry experts to solve complex problems. Think of digital account opening, personal loans, mortgages, insurance, payments, cross border money transfers, gift cards, notary services, robo-investing, BNPL etc… —and then packaging it up in a way that you can easily provide these products as a digital service to your members in an easy-to-use Amazon style shopping experience.  We call it the Banking Marketplace. Think of e-commerce meets banking!

Why Choose Us?
We are exclusively a B2B FinTech offering:
  • Revenue growth opportunities

  • Reduction of operational costs

  • Fraud and risk management

  • Improved compliance

  • Greater focus on your strategic initiatives

  • Operational efficiency

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