Banking Marketplace


Innovation in financial services is essential for growth and some of the biggest trends focus on AI based predictive analytics for fraud modelling, biometrics authentication, personalization and auto-adjudication. A new trend that is essential for banks and credit unions to compete in the Fintech and BIG TECH world does not have as much to do with the core banking technologies, instead it is focused on how banks can change their business models by transforming how services are delivered and consumed.
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Learn how we can help to bring your Banking Marketplace 
to your customers
Mobetize delivers the future of banking with the platformisation of services in an Amazon style marketplace user experience. 
The Mobetize smartOpen platform allows financial institutions to set up their own product marketplace to easily onboard clients with full KYC/AML regulatory compliance. These can be both your traditional demand products, credit card products, insurance products and all of your loan products including Mortgages and HELOCs. 
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We simplify personalization for your clients and increase your product-to-customer ratios!
Not only can you easily configure your own products and services with AI based product templating, our marketplace will enable you to also leverage complementary products and services like, Telecom, home alarm services, travel services – the possibilities for your FI to be at the center of your customer’s life are endless.
Your clients trust you with their money and can now trust the value added services you can offer to simplify their life along with their financial well-being. 
Your clients are already spending money on many services. Enabling them to do so via your digital account onboarding application means extra convenience for them, and extra revenue for you.

When you think of big tech companies, you’ll find plenty of digital marketplaces on the list such as Shopify, Amazon, Airbnb, Uber, Coursera, and others. These companies did not revolutionize the industry with new products; instead, they capitalized on the “added value” obtained from offering a better way of connecting consumers with services providers. So changing how products are delivered and consumed!

As an FI that is ready for digital transformation, with the Mobetize smartOpen platform you can achieve an enhanced valued added user experience. You will drive more value from offering your clients a better way to pick and choose the services they are demanding.
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