NotaryPro and Mobetize Partner to Simplify Compliance of Financial Transactions

TORONTO, ONTARIO, June 1, 2023 - NotaryPro Technologies and Mobetize, a B2B Fintech that delivers a frictionless white label banking marketplace solution to financial institutions, have announced a new integration partnership aimed at streamlining financial transactions for credit union members. With this partnership, credit unions that have implemented the Mobetize banking marketplace platform now allow their members to use NotaryPro Technologies' online platform to digitally notarize documents quickly and easily from the comfort of their own homes.

"We are beyond excited to partner with Mobetize to enhance their banking marketplace platform and work towards fundamentally changing how people interact with their financial institutions," said NotaryPro’s CEO, Robert Onley. "By integrating directly with their existing banking marketplace platform, sensitive documents can now move seamlessly between platforms ensuring greater security and ease of use so clients can complete important financial transactions fully digitally.”

With 4 in 5 financial documents eligible for online notary services, the integration between NotaryPro and Mobetize is game changing. At a time when people are overwhelmed with paperwork, this partnership will save credit unions and their clients time and money by eliminating the need to visit a physical notary, while also ensuring that their important financial documents are properly notarized and legally binding. In the era of emerging AI tools, the need for human validation as part of an increasingly digital process is becoming essential. This collaboration is the beginning of human-powered legal services integrated into digital processes to ensure validity and compliance. 

“We are very passionate about solutions that are customer-centric and provide personalized experiences within a banking marketplace helping consumers manage their financial health and lifestyle needs.” said Ajay Hans, CEO of Mobetize. “We are thrilled to launch our exclusive relationship with NotaryPro in our banking marketplace platform for our credit union clients. This innovation furthers our goal of digital transformation that enhances a credit union’s operational efficiency, compliance, revenues, and member experience. We welcome all our credit union partners to offer online notary services through the banking marketplace as a value added service for their members.”

“As both an investor and user of the banking marketplace solution with Mobetize, we’re excited to see the addition of online notary services – stated Nelson Sandhu, Chief Experience and Innovation Officer at Gulf & Fraser. 

“This added benefit brings us closer to our goal of providing members with personalized services that are easy to use, convenient, frictionless, and cost efficient. The online notarization service will simplify any transaction that requires extra compliance without our member having to leave their home to complete their transaction online in real-time. We look forward to adding this service to the Gulf & Fraser marketplace in the near future.”

About NotaryPro Technologies Inc.
NotaryPro, one of Canada’s fastest growing legal tech start-ups, is the leading provider of online and in-person notary public and commissioner of oath services. Our notary discovery solution matches clients with in-person notaries in their community, and our online digital signing solutions offer clients a convenient, secure and superior notarisation experience. Discover who we are and what we do at For media assets and company details, click here.
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About Mobetize
Mobetize provides solutions to the banking industry to help consumers with the ability to bank how they want, when they want, for what products they need. Mobetize is collaborating and empowering financial institutions to transform how financial services are delivered and consumed. The banking marketplace solution lays the digital transformation foundation for financial institutions to offer traditional banking products as well as easily launch third party fintech products such as insurance, payments, travel, gift cards, e-notary services and more with a simple, consistent, fully integrated ecommerce-style user experience. Mobetize solutions enable financial institutions to better serve their client needs for both their financial well-being and their lifestyle.

About Gulf and Fraser
Gulf & Fraser proudly provides credit union members with a full range of personal and business banking, investment, and insurance solutions. For over 80 years, we have been committed to empowering our communities through local collaboration, financial wellness education, and reliable advice and service.
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For more information about partnership opportunities, contact:

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