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What is Credit Union Enablement?
A credit union enablement platform is a platform technology that allows credit unions to configure, access, and integrate retail and business products and services for both in-branch and self-serve channels. This is made possible by prebuilt, pre-integrated modifiable components simplified for credit unions as the result of the Mobetize team collaborating with credit unions and industry experts to solve complex problems.

We call it the Banking Marketplace.
Think of e-commerce meets banking!
Why Might Credit Unions Want CU Enablement with a Banking Marketplace Platform?
Due to limited budgets and heavy regulations, credit unions are challenged when it comes to technological speed of adoption. Our Banking Marketplace and CU enablement allows them to accelerate innovation and fuel growth targets. With access to numerous solutions and integrations, a Banking Marketplace reduces tech scouting, vendor due diligence, connection, and deployment time.
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Solving Pain Points and Creating Opportunities
Stand on the shoulder of giants

Start with prebuilt, proven solutions covering anything from member origination, accounts, term deposits, registered products, mortgages, HELOCs, Personal Loans and access to other lifestyle products and services.

Access to Fintech Innovation

Take advantage of the latest services in the fintech ecosystem for AI based identity verification/KYC, bot detection, chatbot integration, branch booking, accessibility,

Access to other Lifestyle Management services for members

Gift cards, notary services, insurance, credit card origination, travel services and much more.

Independence from legacy tech

No more waiting on core providers or managing complex integrations with existing tech stacks.

Reduced reliance on custom development

Prebuilt modules, and easy configuration allow credit unions to set up products quickly—and get them out to market in weeks.