67% of businesses use traditional bank transfers when handling cross border payments, yet, 63% are not satisfied with the length of time from payment being sent to payment arriving. Cross border payments are costing businesses thousands in transaction fees, delayed payments and high FX rates. 

smartFX enables your bank with a next generation cross border payments service that lets your commercial clients move money around the world quickly, transparently and securely through a self serve model on their desktop or from their mobile device. 
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See how Mobetize works with financial institutions in helping them with cross border payments
smartFX FinTech Approach
Service Provider Relationship

Our relationship with financial institutions is that of “Solution Provider” rather than broker.

A single end-to-end automated platform

smartFX platform reduces complexity, minimizes operational risk and reduces operational costs along with providing a customer centric UI/UX.

100% Price Transparency

Transparent and auditable currency and payment pricing known pre and post execution of transaction.

100% Price Consistency

Pricing agreed & contracted up front and configured in the smartFX platform, so will always be consistent. Financial institutions can manage their own fees and FX spreads.

Bypass Traditional Payment Networks

smartFX uses a network of local bank accounts & payment providers to ensure the end beneficiary receives the full amount

Helping Banks with Cross Border Payments

You focus on your corporate client – we will handle the rest, infrastructure, security, compliance, forex processing, payments and the customer journey.

Risk and Compliance


  • Watch List Filtering

  • Advanced AI based Transaction Monitoring

  • Customer Due Diligence (Sender & Receiver)

  • Suspicious Activity Monitoring & Case Management

  • Integrated Fraud Prevention

  • Reg E Compliant (US)

  • UN & EU Sanctions

  • FATF (Financial Action Task Force)

  • OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control)

  • FINTRAC (Canada), FINCEN (USA)

  • AUSTRAC (Australia)

  • FCA & HMRC (UK)

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