Smartsolutions fuelling Innovation and Growth for Banks and Credit Unions
Mobetize is a B2B Fintech delivering modern, frictionless white label digital banking applications leveraging AI, data analytics and automation. Our solutions simplify client onboarding, account opening for demand products, registered products, personal loans, mortgages, HELOCs, and identity verification solutions.

Our smartSolutions accelerate innovation, increase revenue opportunities, reduce overhead, and make compliance your competitive advantage.

Mobetize Mission is:

“To help transform Financial Institutions into a banking marketplace super-app to fuel innovation and growth.”

                     - Where ecommerce meets banking

Our Customers are seeing these results within months


Cost Reduction in regulatory compliance errors


Cost Savings to onboard new clients and products

% +

All new clients onboarded on Banking Marketplace

Elevate your customer experience journeys

Enhance Market Share and drive up product to client ratios

Increase engagement rates by 25%+ by securely orchestrating relevant and valuable omnichannel engagement banking experiences across the customer lifecycle

Go live in record time with a one-time integration that can have you up and running in less than 12 weeks

Re-Imagine Financial Services in the Digital Age
Using Data and innovation to transform banking for digital success.
The Mobetize Advantage
Exceptional User Experience

WOW YOUR CUSTOMERS AND MEMBERS Your client’s experience is key to the success of your digital financial services. Mobetize solutions are designed with essential features that emphasize ease-of-use, data error validations to remove friction, intuitive navigation, and convenience.

Integrated KYC/AML & Regulatory Compliance

MAKE COMPLIANCE YOUR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE To provide your clients with a frictionless onboarding experience, Real-time identity verification increases good applicant approval rates so they can consume your products and services. We help you to manage risk and increase business opportunities by implementing technology that uses AI and Machine Learning to help you vet new applicants without the compliance and fraud trade-offs. We provide Canada’s first fully managed digital identity verification service with a fraud loss guarantee based on your risk needs. Signing up good clients without compromising friction or fraud should be at the heart of your digital transformation strategy.

Omni-channel Experience

LET YOUR CUSTOMERS CHOOSE HOW THEY BANK AND WHEN THEY BANK Mobetize provides your customers with the ability to open demand accounts, borrow money, apply for mortgages, deposit funds, make payments and transfer funds to manage their lifestyle. Whether on desktop, mobile or tablet, financial services are available on demand.

Our products

At Mobetize, we believe in the power of digital transformation. We are dedicated to ongoing innovation to fuel your growth and your client’s needs. This is not just our promise, but our commitment to all clients.

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