Financial Services Re-Imagined

smartSolutions for Financial Services

B2B Fintech delivering modern, frictionless white label digital banking applications leveraging data analytics and automation for payments, lending and compliance solutions. Our smartSolutions accelerate innovation, increase revenue opportunities, reduce overhead and enhance compliance.



smartRemit is a secure white-label international P2P money remittance platform. The solution is the first globally compliant solution with a proven integration into a major Canadian ATM payment network for real-time KYC on the sender and automated real-time funding. smartRemit supports 165+ countries, 180,000 Payout Channels and is cost effective and easy to use and integrate.



smartWallet is the most versatile secure and PCI compliant white label mobile wallet. It can act as a digital stored value account and enable your customer’s to send money, top up data and airtime as well as integrate other value added financial services.



smartLoan is a proven, secure white label digital lending platform. It originates and fully automates the KYC and adjudication process for unsecured consumer loans. smartLoan eliminates excessive manual processes and overhead, provides a fast lending cycle and an exceptional customer journey. smartLoan provides financial instutions with technology that is the most efficient and viable for loan acquisition.



smartVerify enables your customers to consume your products and services immediately. smartVerify authenticates your customers’ real world identities in real time and is fully compliant with banking standards. With an easy ID scan, a real-time selfie, facial biometrics and enhanced social biometrics using advanced data analytics, smartVerify enables service providers to accurately and seamlessly validate and trust their customers.

Some of our clients & partners
Xpress Money Services Ltd
UniTeller Inc.
Tata Communcications
G&F Financial Group
First West Credit Union
Envision Financial
Valley First Credit Union
Island Savings Credit Union
Northern Credit Union

FinTech Re-imagined

Telecom operators and Banks have been converging for years. As barriers begin to diminish and the mobile phone becomes the channel of choice for consumer transactions, the Mobetize technology platform creates the link for cooperation between banking and telecom for real disruption as these industries begin to cross-fertilize. Browse our solutions and see why Mobetize is for you.

Financial Institutions

The Mobetize Fintech Hub empowers banks to launch mobile-friendly, customer-relevant banking products and services in a rapid time-to-market approach.


Mobetize empowers telecom subscribers to make bill payments, air-time and data top-ups and international money transfers, all on their mobile devices.


“The partnership with Mobetize has been excellent, not only from an expertise perspective, but also from a values perspective. … . This trust and understanding has allowed us to quickly create the first product of this type within the credit union ecosystem.”

G&F Financial icon

Bill Kiss and Jeff Shewfelt, Co-CEOs
G & F Financial Group

“Mobetize is a key partner in enabling Tata Communication’s Mobile Money strategy. Its innovative platform and team of industry experts deliver unique solutions bridging financial services and mobility.”

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Fred Dingemans, Head of Mobile Money Enablement
TATA Communications