Worldwide Remittances

See how Mobetize’s smartRemit can help you help your customers.

smartRemit quick facts:

  • 250M Immigrants send $650B+ annually to friends and family back home.
  • smartRemit is a cross-border P2P payment solution enabling money transfers directly from your customers’ mobile phones.
  • Enable your customers to send money transfers globally to billions of bank accounts, mobile wallets or 180,000+ payout locations worldwide.
  • Mobetize partners with our clients to provide low cost, enhanced compliance and convenience for your customers.


smartRemit is a fully integrated omni-channel platform providing secure, compliant, and simplified global money transfer solutions, on any mobile device, anytime, anywhere. Built to help your customers move their money efficiently, Mobetize’s smartRemit provides financial institutions and telecom companies with a platform to reliably and cost-effectively meet the needs of their account holders.

Use our cash pickup locator to see how extensive our global coverage really is.

Cash Pickup Locator

smartRemit Network


Find a cash pickup location near your recipient.

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Product Details

  • Solution:

    Global cross-border P2P payment solution

  • Send Capabilities:

  • Receive Capabilities:

  • Use Case:

    Peer-to-Peer (P2P cross-border)

  • User Interface:

    Mobile Device

  • Customer On-Boarding/KYC/Risk/Compliance:

    Managed by Mobetize in cooperation with FI/Telco

  • F/X Management:

    Mobetize provides access to lowest F/X rates

  • Integration Time:

    30-60 days

  • Business Model:

    Fee + F/X set by Partner or Revenue Share

Value Proposition

  • Enhance your Revenues
  • Leverage the Mobetize pre-integrated network infrastructure to pick up cash in over 180,000 retail agent locations
  • Quick and easy integration
  • Send money to billions of connected bank accounts

Integration Options

  • Turn-key white label solution:

    Mobetize hosted smartRemit Services Model

  • API model:

    Integrate the Mobetize APIs for cross-border money transfer service