Mobetize’s smartLoan helps financial institutions deploy digitized consumer and lending services immediately. It allows users to originate and service personal loans quickly and efficiently, while minimizing risk to existing operations.

From loan origination, to automated Know-Your-Customer (KYC) processes and auto-decisioning activities, Mobetize smartLoan improves omni-channel accessibility, reduces costs, generates revenue faster, and is designed to meet the needs of your business rules and your customers borrowing needs. Fintech is moving fast. Mobetize helps clients catch up and then stay ahead.


Product Details

  • Solution:

    Unsecured consumer digital lending

  • KYC:

    Automated process, device verification, ID verification, facial biometrics

  • Data Analytics:

    Social biometrics for potential fraud detection and authenticity scoring

  • Adjudication:

    Automated configurable with FI specific business rules

  • Use Case:

    Consumer loans, auto, consolidation, home renovations and more

  • User Interface:

    Mobile / Web

  • Customer Onboarding/KYC/Risk/Compliance:

    Managed by Mobetize platform

  • Consumer Dashboard:


  • Lender Dashboard:

    Yes, with the ability for reviewing applications that are rejected

  • Integration Time:

    Stand-alone – immediate / Full integration – 60-90 days

  • Business Model:

    Licensing + Processing fees

Value Proposition

Financial institutions and private lenders are moving as quickly as possible towards the digitization of lending. While each lender may define digital lending differently, the consumer expectation of their journey to borrow money requires:

  • Easy access to the loan application on any device
  • Online processing of application
  • Automated loan adjudication
  • Online document submissions
  • Telephone and online interaction with their lender if needed

Integration Options

  • Turn-key white label solution:

    Mobetize hosted smartLoan Services Model

  • API model:

    Coming soon