Mobetize Smart Products used by financial institutions and telecoms.


Mobetize smart products “smartProducts” deliver online and mobile solutions with speed and flexibility, continually accommodating new products. The Mobetize model minimizes your time-to-market, reducing often sizeable up-front expenses coming from lengthy development projects.

Mobetize provides the single integration point with account processing platforms and other enterprise systems, offering reliable integration between the solutions you need, and the platforms you already run.

Mobetize smartProducts


Remove the barriers to traditional global remittances

Mobetize smartRemit is a fully integrated omnichannel product providing financial institutions and telecoms secure, compliant, and simplified mobile money transfer solutions to over 100 countries with more than 100,000 payout locations.

Mobetize smartRemit is easily configurable to meet unique needs of our customers.


Rapidly extend consumer lending online

Mobetize smartLoan is a digitized lending product allowing your borrowers to apply for secured and unsecured loans.

Mobetize smartLoan deploys quickly and cost effectively, giving you configuration control over loan product definition and adjudication rules. It also reduces expense at every step of the lending process, saving time for you, and for your customers.

Whether deploying online or in-branch, from the inception of the application process, to automated Know-Your-Customer (KYC) processes, and auto-decisioning activities, we bring greater speed and efficiency, with reduced risk to existing operations.


Top-up mobile phone airtime and data with 350 global carriers

Mobetize smartCharge helps clients offer their customers the ability to top-up or to gift airtime to friends and family around the world through a network of global carriers.

The newest features give users the ability to gift data across carrier networks worldwide, now with service in India.

Mobetize smartCharge is positioned as an ideal low cost, high value companion to cash remittances, enabling prepaid mobile airtime and data top-up allowing gifting of airtime minutes and data.