Mobetize is a fintech company.

Mobetize digitizes bricks and mortar processes and services for financial institutions and telecoms.

We deliver omnichannel products, replacing costly processes with rapidly deployable applications. We call those applications smartProducts.

Mobetize smartProducts
  • smartRemit: Removing the barriers to traditional global remittances
  • smartLoan: Rapidly extending consumer lending online
  • smartCharge: Top-up mobile phone airtime and data with 350 global carriers
Mobetize smartProducts – Future Verticals
  • smartMortgage: Establish a more frictionless mortgage processing experience
  • SmartWallet: Innovative solutions for moving money and engaging your customers
  • smartGateway: Fast, efficient and secure payment gateway designed to scale

Mobetize smartProducts seamlessly integrates with clients, who then offer the services to their users.