mobetize innovation of fintech services
The Mobetize experience

The Mobetize team mission is to automate processes and tools, helping their clients enhance the experiences of their end-customers, establishing an open marketplace of Fintech services and partnerships.

The Mobetize story started in telecommunications in 1997, when our teams began pioneering telecom billing and clearing solutions for clients across North America. Telecom clients turned on new services, improved existing services and customers’ experiences and reduced service delivery cost. An ethos of simplification drives the Mobetize’ culture.

Mobetize has matured and has translated its knowledge into a suite of smartProducts, digitizing bricks and mortar financial services for telecommunications companies and financial institutions.

Our clients can white label Mobetize smartProducts or integrate via an open API providing:

• An omni-channel experience
• Digitized back office processes and interoperability
• Rapid launch of configurable and adjudication rules
• Effective capability to address security and regulatory requirements
• Automated back office legal processes

Mobetize co-develops innovation step-by-step, focusing on strategic needs of its clients. Our collaborative approach includes:

1. Defining pain points
2. Collaborating with clients on a Mobetize Innovation Plan (“MIP”)
3. Executing the MIP
4. Translating solutions into applications and engaging a broader marketplace
5. Delivering customer support, managing feedback, enhancing smartProducts with client input and data from our clients’ customers (R&D).

Customers constantly expect more. Our mission is to help you deliver more. Continually improve your customers’ experience, and to meet your need for speed-to-market, making rapid mobile deployment of your products and services a reality.

Fintech moves fast. We move faster.