AI powered automated verification — smartVerify is a unique process that combines mobile device verification, ID authentication, facial biometrics and advanced data analytics to determine real-world identities.

smartVerifiy easily integrates into your existing workflows to instantly verify users through a simple API call.

smartVerify helps to manage risk and increase business opportunity by providing:

  • Secure Customer Onboarding
  • Automated Record Generation
  • Identity Theft Prevention
  • Complete KYC/AML Compliance
  • Business Process Management

ID Verification & Facial Biometrics

1. Acquire ID

2. Extract ID Information

3. Verify ID

4. Spoof Detection

5. Facial Recognition

6. Facial Attributes

7. Any Device, Any Camera

Captures the best possible image quality of the front and back of ID documents.

Extracts data accurately for a frictionless experience.

ID’s security features are verified in real-time using advanced AI and machine learning.

Prevent identity theft attempts with our Spoof Detection technology.

Deep-learning powered facial recognition technology.

Realtime attribute detection, like age, gender, emotions, and more.

Any device’s camera means enhancing hit rates and conversion.

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